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Christmas Cutoff Times 2014

With Christmas very fast approaching and so many of you deciding that celebrating with a raclette grill is the best way to celebrate the festive season we are currently very, very busy! We will very likely remain very busy until mid January. So to get your raclette grill before xmas or New Year's Eve we strongly recommend that you have your order completed (i.e. also payment done) before 15 December. After 15 December your order will be very unlikely to arrive before Christmas. But you can always give a voucher instead of the actuall grill, if this is a present.

This is only an estimate (based on normal banking speed and no delays with Australia Post), but you should be able to receive your raclette grill in time for Christmas this year if you make your payment before the cutoff date.

Estimate only - for CBD of that location! Please make payment on the following days before 4 PM Sydney Time.

Perth: Monday 15 December, 4 PM
Hobart: Monday 15 December, 4 PM
Adelaide: Monday 15 December, 4 PM
Cairns: Monday 15 December, 4 PM
Brisbane: Wednesday 17 December, 4 PM
Melbourne: Wednesday 17 December, 4 PM
Sydney: Thursday 18 December, 4 PM

After these cutoff times you might be lucky and receive the parcel on 24 December, but we can not and will not guarantee a delivery before a specific day and time! ExpressPost is only available for The Petite, check with Australia Post if delivery might make it to your location.

All items are currently available via this website and in stock with the exception of our very popular raclette cookbook. The new edition is due out in a few months and if you want you can contact us to be put on the waiting list.

In stock, order now! In stock, order now! In stock, order now! In stock, order now! Out of stock, contact us now!
In stock, order now! In stock, order now! In stock, order now! In stock, order now! In stock, order now! In stock, order now! In stock, order now! Low stock, order now! Sorry, out of stock, contact us to be placed on waiting list! Currently out of stock!

High Quality Raclette Grills

It is in economic hard times that people remember what quality is: Products that fulfill an important need and that outlast their competitors, that are value for money. This is why Raclette Australia products are now in higher demand than ever before. We had numerous customers mentioning to us that they obtained low quality raclette grills through other sources and had to throw them away after only a short time due to their low quality. After purchasing our products they were delighted to see the very high standard of quality that we have for our raclette grills and referred friends to us. Thank you very much to those customers. Our pledge is that we will remain focused on high quality products that satisfy the needs of our customers and are true value for money.

New Pricing

Since 2005 we managed to keep the postage and handling fees stable for our customers, but as you know transport costs have risen even faster than inflation. So, we now will pass on these costs directly to you instead of having one flat postage fee for entire Australia. We think this is a fairer solution to those living closer to Sydney.

We also noticed from customer feedback that many of you do not need the wooden spatulas as the raclette pans are non stick or you still have spatulas from previous raclette grills. Therefore we now sell the spatulas separately and can reduce the prices of our raclette grills. Should you still need wooden raclette spatulas please purchase them separately.

Due to all these price adjustments we have currently disabled our fast ordering system until it is updated with the new values. You can still order all our products by contacting us directly.

Our Models

We now have three models available to you. The Petite, our raclette grill with four pans, is priced at only A$99 plus postage. Buy just one for yourself or gifts for everybody! This grill is also ideal if you have a long table and want to distribute the joy of raclette by using two of these great space savers! Order your raclette grill here.

We also have two other great models available for you, both come with eight individual non-stick pans (should you need wooden raclette spatulas please purchase them). To suit all table forms we have the rectangular model The Gourmet and for round tables The Entertainer!

And for all those who don't know yet what a raclette grill is and how much fun one of these legendary raclette parties can be: read on!

Raclette Australia The Gourmet Raclette GrillWe have currently three models available: Our raclette grills The Petite (RRP A$99), The Gourmet (RRP A$155) or The Entertainer (RRP A$174). Postage and handling charges will be calculated for your delivery address and emailed to you. Please contact us to order your raclette grill.

Raclette is Fun!

Raclette Australia The Entertainer Raclette GrillIf you want to entertain your guests in a unique way, have a raclette party. This website will help you get everything together for a successful dinner party, special occasion, informal get-together or simply a very enjoyable family dinner.

It's so easy to create a cosy and fun atmosphere at your chosen venue with a raclette grill that you will ask yourself how this managed to remain a secret for so long (about 500 years, actually...).

A raclette grill is a very versatile grilling appliance that sits in the middle of the dining table where up to eight seated guests are able to cook in front of them. Perfect for cosy and warm informal get-togethers. All you need to do is to buy some basic ingredients to create easy, warm and scrumptious cheese based meals directly at the table.

Raclette grills take the stress and work out of catering for small or large groups. This multipurpose machine can whip up quick and delicious meals that will make your occasion a real winner. Discover how it can easily become your favourite way to celebrate.

So, have a raclette party with your friends! And buy yourself a raclette grill You can now purchase any of our raclette grill models The Petite (A$99), The Entertainer (A$174) or The Gourmet (A$155) right here on this website. Postage and handling fees apply, please contact us to order your raclette grill and then wait for your email.


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Our new model is out: The Petite Raclette Grill, a great raclette grill for small raclette parties!

Have a look at our raclette grill models The Petite, The Gourmet or The Entertainer. What a fun way to entertain up to eight dinner guests.