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Table Top Grill with Hot Stone

Buy this raclette grill with hot stoneThe Entertainer (A$174 plus a variable postage and handling fee) is a multi-function machine of highest quality: It combines the traditional raclette grill with one half metal grill top for barbecue needs such as sausages and meat. The other half is a hot stone grill for reduced fat cooking in one of the healthiest cooking methods known.

The difference between these cooking methods is similar to the difference between a frying pan and an oven. The frying pan uses direct heat, while the oven uses indirect heat to cook or bake your food. It's like having a whole kitchen in your living room, frying pan, oven and grill all in one, complete with eight individual pans for your guests!

And that's why we have decided to name this model The Entertainer. It entertains up to eight people having a raclette party they will remember for a long time.

Eight non stick raclette grill pansThe features detailed above make this raclette grill ideal for special occasions or fun get togethers. Not only can you have raclette in the eight individual pans, but you can also grill on either the half metal grill top or the half hot stone grill top in style. This gives you plenty of room to experiment with new recipes and so you and your guests will always find something new to try with your raclette grill.

Use the hot stone to keep a pot of potatoes warm or grill seafood in a very healthy and unique way. You could even use it to have cheese fondue! The stone grill will heat up slowly and then keep the heat at your desired temperature for a long time, making it ideal for cheese fondues.

raclette grill thermostatEach raclette grill can seat 8 well-entertained guests, is oval shaped and comes with a standard Australian plug. It also has a thermal regulator switch. The 8 pans have non stick surface.

half nonstick grill top
The non stick grill plate is ideal for grilling smaller items such as sausages or vegetables. Also slices of bread can be heated up very nicely on this side.

Technical information can be found on our product details page.

So write to us today if you want to buy a raclette grill. And have a look at our order process page first.


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Our new model is out: The Petite Raclette Grill, a great raclette grill for small raclette parties!

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Have a look at our raclette grill models The Petite, The Gourmet or The Entertainer. What a fun way to entertain up to eight dinner guests.