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What you say about our raclette grills

Thank you for your prompt service - Gian K, Busselton WA

I have used the raclette yesterday and it was a very nice experience. - Emmanuel W, Sydney NSW

Hi, Love your website! I am an Aussie living in Zurich and am going to show off my raclette knowledge and skills by having a raclette party when I return to Oz for a holiday next month. Thanks for your flexibility and help. - Kate R, Switzerland

We are really excited about receiving our Raclette and we look forward to
many happy meals using your product. - Carolyn M, Worrowing Heights NSW

:P You've been a great help! - Wennie T, Yulara NT

I'm impressed by the quality of the information you have [on your website] on raclette, tips, raclette party... - Audrey W, Melbourne VIC

What a great way to get the little ones to eat their dinner. - Robert L, Werrington NSW

pity everyone doesn't have the service your company does! [...] Thanks again for all your help and great service. - Lynnie & Gaz S, Perth WA

Wonderful website. We are a few french working together in QLD, and we tought finding raclette cheese was impossible in Australia. What a wonderful news !!! So fun to find a web site all about Raclette for australian !!! Important question = can we find in Australia little wooden instruments used to take the cheese out of the little pans? It exists in France, but here ?? Thanks for your website, hope you can answer my questions. - Agnes P, Brisbane QLD

And guess what??!!! The supermarkets in Rarotonga have very little to offer in the way off food (particularly dairy) but they do sell "Raclette" cheese. I haven't seem it once in the shops here but there it was in the main supermarket in the Cook Islands!!!! Pam W, Sydney NSW





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