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Raclette Recipe Book

The Insider's Guide to the Secret World of Raclette Dining

Our book is proving very popular all over the world! On Amazon it has sold out quite some time ago, but we still have a very limited amount of signed copies left - not many, mind you! The book is called Raclette - The Insider's Guide to the Secret World of Raclette Dining and each of the copies still left is signed by either one of the two authors. Our new book will be out soon and you can register your interest by contacting us right here.

We have collected our best recipes - including of course the traditional raclette recipe - edited them for the book, made up some completely new recipes and added stunning photography. But this raclette recipe collection is only the second part of our 96 page hardcover book. The very important first part explains what raclette is and why it has remained a secret for far too long.

We believe that this is the very first time that such a comprehensive book has been written about raclette and encourage you to order it now directly from us.

Here are the details:

Title: Raclette - The Insider's Guide to the Secret World of Raclette Dining
ISBN: 9780980334302
Publisher: Raclette Australia Pty Ltd
Hardcover, 96pp, incl. colour photography
RRP: A$99 incl. GST per signed book - while stock lasts!

You can of course always order our products online right here on our order page.

In case you are a retail outlet interested in selling any of our products, please contact us and indicate which and how many you would be interested in ordering.



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Get our Raclette Cookbook and enjoy your next raclette party like never before!

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