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Read all about our raclette grills The Petite, The Gourmet or The Entertainer, look at the product details, find out more about our order process, have a look where you can buy raclette cheese and finally buy a raclette grill or our great 96 page full colour raclette cookbook!

In other sections we have recipes, talk about the origin of the raclette meal and look at the cheese.

So write to us today if you want to buy a raclette grill or simply send us some feedback. We'd love to hear from you!






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Our new model is out: The Petite Raclette Grill, a great raclette grill for small raclette parties!

Get our Raclette Cookbook and enjoy your next raclette party like never before!

Have a look at our raclette grill models The Petite, The Gourmet or The Entertainer. What a fun way to entertain up to eight dinner guests.