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Fromart Raclette Cheese

Heidi Farm Raclette Cheese (produced in Tasmania) has been the only Australian produced raclette cheese for many years. But in 2005 the Queensland company Maleny Cheese started to produce raclette and only a short while later (in 2007) another great raclette cheese was born: Fromart Raclette Cheese, again from a Queensland company.

Christian Nobel, the young Swiss founder of this cheese company promises that Fromart cheese is "Made by Hand, Created with Passion". The cheeses are handmade and matured on wooden boards for at least 4 months before release. Not only Raclette is hand crafted here, but also Tilsit, Gruyere and Appenzeller. All of these cheeses are ideal for use with our raclette grills!

While it is still early beginnings for Fromart, their raclette cheese has already won a few silver medals such as the 2008 Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Produce Silver Medal. You can find Fromart cheeses, including their Fromart Raclette, throughout South East Queensland and increasingly at delis all over Australia. Try it, you'll love it!

PS: In New Zealand the most famous raclette cheese is Mainland Ferndale Raclette Cheese. They were the New Zealand Grand Champions in 2004.


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