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Maleny Raclette Cheese

For many years Heidi Farm Raclette Cheese has been the only Australian produced raclette cheese. But in 2005 this finally changed.

Maleny Cheese is a Queensland based specialty cheese maker that was founded in April 2004 by Swiss Master Cheese Maker Markus Bucher.

Together with a team of Swiss-trained cheese makers, he started producing the award winning Maleny Raclette in 2005, exactly that year in which Heidi Farm once again became Grand Champion with its raclette cheese. In May 2006, within the first year of production of this fine cheese, Maleny Cheese was awarded the prestigious Australian Specialist Cheesemakers Association 'Gold Medal' for Maleny Raclette at the Sydney ASCA Show.

Even though Maleny Cheese is a rather young company, it has already received national recognition for some of its other cheeses as well, such as the Maleny Tilsit and Le Blochon.

Given these early successes we think that also Maleny Raclette will soon become a Grand Champion. It is closer in taste to the Swiss raclette than the Heidi Farm equivalent. But don't take our word for it, try it yourself!

You can buy Maleny Raclette at many Action, IGA, AUR and independent supermarkets in Queensland and soon other states. And you can order it directly from us.

Oh, and in case you drop by at Maleny Cheese you can also buy our raclette grills there, as they are our Queensland retail outlet for Raclette Australia products. Lucky us!

PS: In New Zealand the most famous raclette cheese is made by Mainland Ferndale. They were the New Zealand Grand Champions in 2004.


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