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Product Details The Entertainer

Specifications for The Entertainer


Brand: Raclette Australia

Model: The Entertainer

Half non-stick grill plate
Half genuine stone grill plate
Eight individual pans with non-stick surface and cool touch handles
Wooden raclette grill spatulas sold separately
Thermostat heat adjustment dial with indicator light
Instruction booklet including recipes
1100W 240V Grilling element

12 month Warranty
Website support

Length: 42.0 cm
Width: 32.0 cm
Height:10.5 cm
Weight: 5.0 kg net, 6.1 kg with packaging

See further details on The Entertainer page.

Postage and Handling Costs:
Variable, depending on your delivery details. Please contact us to order. The parcel will be mailed from Sydney and is delivered to most places within one week.

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