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Halloween Childrens Party

Fun kids party idea

Halloween parties are great fun for children. But mothers often get stressed thinking about a meal to provide for the kids. Sure, children would love to think that sweets are the only nutrition they need, especially on halloween, but responsible parents need to balance this desire as much as possible.

A childrens raclette party might be the ideal answer. It provides a fun, interactive meal of high nutritional value. At the centre of this party is a raclette grill, an appliance that grills cheese in eight individual pans. The pans are an ideal size for children. Of course you place more than just cheese into the pans, e.g. mushrooms, capsicum or cherry tomatoes and then a slice of raclette cheese which melts into a delicious creamy consistency. This mini-meal then gets poured over boiled potatoes.

By providing many different ingredients parents can influence how healthy the meal is, although the kids feel in control as they themselves create their mini-meals.

Depending on age, parents might either be supervising or for the younger ones placing the prepared meals into the grill and getting them out when ready. Mum or dad will still need to keep an eye on things during the cooking but you'll be pleased to see the kids eating plenty of healthy fruit and vegetables and gain the all important calcium they need. The kids will give it the thumbs up and everybody will have a great time using their own mini pans. Mum won't have to struggle too hard trying to keep the kids seated at the table, the dining table is where the most fun will be happening.


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