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Raclette or Fondue, Fondue or Raclette

What Swiss and other Europeans choose

If you think of the ultimate fun dinner as being a great cheese fondue, think again! Sure, the great Swiss invention of the cheese fondue and its siblings, the meat fondue and of course the chocolate fondue, has revolutionised dinner parties around the world. Yes, fondue is perhaps the best entertaining meal you know. But do you know raclette?

In Europe the situation is much clearer. In the three neighbouring countries of Switzerland, France and Germany nearly everybody knows of both cheese fondue and raclette. And while the cheese fondue is loved by many, raclette is loved by almost anyone who knows about it. The main reason is freedom and simplicity.

Cheese fondue as a simplified summary is cheese melted in a pot with guests dipping cubes of bread into it. Meat fondue (Fondue Bourguignonne) is cubes of meat being dipped in either a broth or oil. Only in the Fondue Chinoise, also known as Chinese Hot Pot, is there a degree of freedom. Here meat, seafood, vegetables and similar are thrown into the boiling broth and fished out a short while later with little catchers. The broth is later served as soup.

Raclette takes this freedom to a much higher level. While traditionally the raclette meal consisted of cheese grilled until it melts and then poured over boiled potatoes, the use of today's modern raclette grills provides endless variations. The modern raclette grill (such as our models The Petite, The Gourmet or The Entertainer) provides the grilling mechanism for the raclette cheese in individual trays (officially called raclette pans), usually about six to eight, and can be used to barbecue food on the top as well. Some even have a hot stone which adds a whole new dimesion to entertaining and cooking on your dining table. Aside of creating great tasting meals in itself, the hot stone can actually be used to heat a pot of, say broth, oil or soup, perhaps even cheese...

And that's where raclette becomes the ultimate dining experience as it suddenly makes fondue merely one of the sheer endless possibilities to have with a raclette grill. But in the end, there is unity again: No matter if you have fondue or raclette, you will have a fun evening of dining with friends and relatives.


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