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Raclette Party Tips

If you only have a small dining table and need more place for the raclette grill and all the other ingredients, you can try elevating the raclette grill onto a mini table to enable you to use the area underneath your raclette grill. Or get a smaller raclette grill such as our model The Petite.

If you are organising a large group function and need helping hands or need to cut costs, you can ask guests to bring one/some of the accompanying ingredients e.g.. a jar of olives, capsicums, can of pineapple or wine. As there is no precooking required, this wouldn't be too much trouble to ask anyone.

To ensure everyone gets their fair share of cheese and other ingredients, you can choose to allocate a plate with a selection of all the ingredients to each person or to share between two. This also makes all the ingredients at only arms length away and reduces the need to pass various dishes around the table.

For those who are lactose intolerant or can't eat cheese because of dietary restrictions there is what's known as non dairy cheese on the market based on soy beans - it's called "mini col" available from your supermarket. So you don't have to miss out if this applies to you. Actually, raclette cheese contains only a small amount of lactose because of the way it is made.

Aside of Ferndale Raclette Cheese in New Zealand and Heidi Farm Raclette Cheese in Australia there are plenty of other great cheeses available at your supermarket suitable for cooking:e.g. Swiss Gold , Gruyere , Emmental , Jarlsberg , Mozzarella , Mature Cheddar.

The top hot plate of your grill can be used for meat, sausages and vegetables. This is best utilised outdoors e.g. on the balcony as the cooking fumes from the meat can disperse more freely outside rather than in your dining room. It is also best to wait until the end of the meal as using the barbecue plates can create fumes.

Any leftovers from your dinner can be easily be used for pizza topping or adding to pasta sauce the next day. Pre-made bases from the supermarket make for a quick and easy snack.


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