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The Raclette Meal

table grill with eight individual tray portions

Having a raclette meal is an experience where everyone can do their own cooking directly at the table using one of the modern table top grills. The host will usually do some simple preparation of the ingredients before hand i.e. slice up the cheese, boil/roast some potatoes and cut up extra accompaniments and the rest of the work the guests do themselves. This usually will free up the host to enjoy the company of the friends or family instead of leaving their guests to attend to food cooking in the kitchen. Preparation is simple and can be done hours before and stored in the refrigerator.

An ideal dinner party idea or just something special for the family to enjoy, especially the kids - it will surely become a favourite occasion in your home during cold winter evenings or for simply summer entertaining outdoors.

Just like the Cheese Fondue, where cheese and fine white wine are fused magnificently together, the Raclette style of eating can also be adapted using a variety of cheeses that suit to your particular taste. Any cheese that melts well is ideal. In Australia the most ideal of course is Fromart Raclette, Maleny Raclette or Heidi Farm Raclette Cheese, especially made for raclette grills. Other hard cheeses such as Jarlsberg, Emmental, Gouda, Gruyère and vintage cheddar are well worth a try.

While the farmer favourites eaten with the cheese were foods such as cured meats, picked onions and gherkins you can choose ingredients such as leg ham, prosciutto (thin Italian ham), tomatoes, pineapple, capsicum, prawns, fresh or dried herbs, avocado, onions, marinated chicken or beef, mushrooms, celery, asparagus, olives or crusty bread. There are no set rules to follow - except perhaps to avoid using your fork on the non stick surfaces of your grill, as special wooden raclette scrapers are used instead.

It's an occasion where the choices are up to the guests themselves and so you can sit back, have fun, take your time and truly relax and enjoy the satisfaction of entertaining at home.

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