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Frequently Asked Questions

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What cheese is traditionally used with a raclette grill and where can I buy it?

Authentic raclette cheese is produced in the French speaking regions in the Swiss Alps. It can be described as a semi hard cheese, yellowish colour, virtually no holes with light brown rind. Australia also produces its own raclette cheeses: Fromart Raclette, Maleny Raclette and Heidi Farm Raclette Cheese and in New Zealand you can buy Ferndale Raclette. Raclette cheese is famous because the flavour and aroma intensifies when melted and its texture remains smooth during grilling. Visit your department store food hall in your major capital city and see whether they stock it. Authentic French made "Raclette Rouge" that is available only at exclusive cheese stores is a must to try but it is a bit on the expensive side. Check out where you can buy raclette cheese in your state.

What kind of other cheeses can I use on my raclette and where can I buy it?

In Australia two cheeses which are also ideal for raclette are available from the gourmet cheese section at Woolworths supermarkets. A German made cheese called "Alpsberg" is highly recommended. It is a delicious cheese with excellent melting qualities with a great flavour. The other is Australian made Swiss style cheese called "Aussie Swiss Gold" which has a great sweet nutty flavour. Other Swiss cheeses such as Emmenthal or Gruyere are also perfectly suitable are available from large delicatessens. Mozzarella mixed with grated Parmesan and Romano cheese is also good. It is recommended that you mix some mozzarella (grated or fresh) with the Alpsberg cheese to balance the moisture content.

How do I use a raclette grill?

The raclette grill is placed in the middle of a large enough table and ingredients that have been prepared beforehand are placed around it. Each guest has an individual pan or two and compiles their chosen ingredients onto the pan with a slice of cheese on top and then places it under the grill to melt. In the meantime you can enjoy a sip of wine and nice company while you wait. The stone plate can be used to keep the potatoes warm. Guests can use two pans if there are enough to go around and this can reduce the waiting time. Pre-cooked ingredients like leftovers can also be used on your raclette. If guests prefer they can use the top of the grill to cook their vegetables for a crispier taste instead of in their pans.

What should I remember when buying ingredients for my raclette party?

The flavour, nutritional content and colour of most natural foods are at their best when they are bought fresh. If you are going to grill meat on the top plates, ensure the meat is bought on the day and do not use them if frozen. Potatoes are best cooked using a steaming method to retain the nutrients that sit just under the skin. How much cheese to serve depends on the number of guests and whether they are used to eating lots of cheese. Eating slowly and enjoying the simple and natural flavours of wholesome foods is the secret to a satisfying meal. Take pleasure in small portions and rest in between. Leftover ingredients can easily be used for pizza toppings or another raclette party the next day.

How can I make organising a raclette party even easier?

The beauty of a raclette party is that the preparation can be so simple. Most ingredients will just need for you to cut them up into small pieces or opening up a jar or can and presenting it all on nice plates and bowls.

Your guests may like to help contribute to the organising of the party and could bring some of the ingredients with them already cut into bite size pieces. Others could bring jars of olives, sliced ham, canned pineapple, pepper mills etc. This will help cut the costs of catering for a large group and allows everyone to get involved.

How do I save space when I set the table?

There are a number of ways where you can save space on your dining table. You can stack ingredients high in bowls rather than on plates. Each guest could use smaller appetizer plates rather than large dinner plates. You can also replenish the ingredients mid way through the meal rather than have all the ingredients on the table at once.

You could also opt to buy a few smaller raclette grills and distribute them on the table.

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