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Unique Christmas Present from Raclette Australia

If you are like most Australians you love giving christmas presents. But every year you face a new challenge. What can I buy my wife, husband, partner, sister, brother, friend, relative, employee or other lucky person that they don't yet already have? No matter how hard you think of something special to give to that special person, in the end you feel like you are buying another pair of socks again. How about a raclette grill?

See, a raclette grill is - this year at least! - the most unique christmas gift you can get. That's because raclette grills only recently became available to Australians through Raclette Australia and only one in ten Australians knows about them and even less own a raclette grill.

A raclette grill is the perfect gift idea for many. Alone its novelty and style make it a great present. So here we will only list a few groups who would be happy gift recipients.

Women would all love to receive a raclette grill. Because it is a new cooking appliance that will make it easier to entertain dinner guests. And because women need to make certain that they get a good calcium intake in their daily meals to prevent osteoporosis - brittle bones - later in life. Raclette cheese is one of the best sources of calcium (and definitely the best tasting one!) and using a raclette grill it is actually fun to look after your health.

Anyone with children would also happily get a raclette grill for christmas or any other special occasion. Because children also need a larger than normal calcium intake for stronger bones and their rapid growth. This calcium they can easily get from cheese. Plus, a raclette grill is great for teaching children to cook easy meals and eat healthy food.

Men who want to impress others with their cooking skills. Because with a raclette grill the guests are cooking their own meals but the host still gets all the credit!

Cheeselovers! If you know anyone who you consider a cheeselover, a raclette grill is a must have! In Europe it is a firm tradition to have raclette on special occasions such as christmas and anyone who loves cheese in Australia will soon want to do the same.

Anyone who hosts dinner parties also finds great joy in raclette grills as these great machines sit in the middle of the dining table with each guest preparing their own meal. And again, the atmosphere it generates and the novelty factor will ensure that the party will be the talk of the town for months to come! So what are you waiting for?

As you can see, there are many reasons and groups of people who would love a raclette grill as a gift for that special occasion. So, have a look at our current raclette grill models The Petite, The Entertainer and The Gourmet, order a raclette grill right now, or find out more about the history of this great meal. And avoid the christmas rush shopping for that very special and unique gift idea, you have found it!


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Our new model is out: The Petite Raclette Grill, a great raclette grill for small raclette parties!

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Have a look at our raclette grill models The Petite, The Gourmet or The Entertainer. What a fun way to entertain up to eight dinner guests.