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Raclette Preparation

The Basics:

You might be interested in our raclette recipe book to help you prepare your perfect raclette meal. It is full of information and recipes packed in a 96 pages hardcover book with stunning photography.


Raclette cheese is usually sold cut from the wheel. Depending how ripe the cheese is the rind can be quite soft or hard. Some people prefer to melt the cheese with the rind on. The rind can have quite a different flavour compared the main part of the cheese and is usually very salty and crunchy when grilled under a raclette. Trim off a thin layer of the outer rind using a sharp knife. Then use an adjustable wire cheese cutter to slice cheese into thin slices approximatley 2mm thick. The small bits can be cut into equal sized cubes. To prevent the cheese sticking together you can place a layer of wax/baking paper in between the slices. Place on a serving dish, cover with plastic wrap and store in refrigerator. Let stand at room temperature for 20mins before serving. The smell and taste of the cheese is a lot different compared to it's aroma and flavour when melted.

PotatoesDesiree potatoes

We recommend the Pontiac and Desiree potato varieties (the ones with the pinkish/purply skin) as these have a tasty creamy texture. Small Kipfler potatoes are also perfect and ideal for raclette. The Pontiac, Desiree and Kipfler potatoes are great cooked in their skins. The common washed Coliban, Sebago or "Chat" baby potatoes are best suited for baking.

Microwave Method:

Wash small/medium sized potatoes, pierce a few holes in the skin with fork and place in microwave dish and cover with lid. For 8 potatoes cook on high for approx. 20mins (2.5 mins per potato). Turn over half way after 10 mins. When ready to serve place in a metal bowl or ovenproof dish without lid and place on stone side of raclette grill to keep warm.The stone will heat up slowly to create an evenly distributed heating surface which will not overcook the potatoes.

Baking Method:

Preheat oven to 240°C. Wash small to medium potatoes and pat dry with a paper towel. Make a cross shaped slit through the middle with knife to allow steam to escape. Place on baking tray and bake for 55 mins. When ready to serve place potatoes in metal pot or ovenproof bowl and onto stone side of grill to keep warm.


Sliced French Baguette (cut on diagonal for a larger slice), Turkish pita or other crusty loaf type breads can be placed in a basket and covered with napkin or tea towel to prevent drying out. If you wish you can drizzle olive oil over them or serve with butter. During the meal they can be placed onto the top of the grill to toast slightly.


Please note: If this information is useful to you please also have a look at our raclette recipe book, full of mouth-watering recipes plus plenty information on all things raclette!


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