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Raclette Preparation

The best preparation for your next raclette meal would be to order our raclette recipe book, filled with 96 pages of stunning photos, recipes and further information all about raclette. Or you can read through a lot of information on our site.

Serving Raclette

Keeping everything simple is the secret of a great Raclette meal. If you haven't experienced raclette before you may certainly be curious about all the fuss. You will re-discover how simple foods are often the best and that some foods that you thought were fairly ordinary will be seen in a different light. There is great joy in the way you eat and and the means how you cook. You can also use your raclette grill to reheat cold meat and to reheat meals such as leftovers.

Setting the table: Set the table up with all the ingredients all pre-cut and sliced. Place the grill in the middle and turn it on to preheat while everyone takes their seat. If you don't have much room on your dinning table, keep half the ingredients in the kitchen or on a near by table and top up the ingredients when they run low.

At the grill: Take a slice of cheese and place onto a pan and place under the grill to melt. In the meantime take a hot potato from the top of the grill and cut it into small pieces with your knife. Take the pan with the melted cheese and give it a shake to loosen the cheese and pour over your potato. Grind some pepper over it and let stand for a short moment (because it can be very hot) while you prepare the next pan with some more cheese and another combination of toppings and place it back under grill to allow to melt while you are eating. In the meantime enjoy the company you have, sip your favourite drink or nibble on the array of food on the table.

Scraping cheese out of pan: The pans are usually non-stick and your melted creation will normal slide out after a little shake but if the cheese you are using gets stuck scrape it out with wooden raclette spatulas that are included with good raclette grills. Or you can use a piece of bread.

Beverage serving suggestions:

Traditionally raclette is served with a dry white wine known as Fendant (Swiss wine) or black tea which are both known to help aid in the digestion of cheese.


Please note: If this information is useful to you please also have a look at our raclette recipe book, full of mouth-watering recipes plus plenty information on all things raclette!


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